I have a toothache

Toothache: throbbing pain, swelling, sudden facial pain, it is a well-known situation often experienced at the worst possible moment.

How we treat toothache?
Quickly and painlessly

In order to save your teeth it is important to react promptly and arrange a dental check up. Do not rely on analgesics and their effectiveness to eliminate the discomfort and postpone the dental check up. By doing that you enhance the risk of having more complications and suffering from more severe pain in (the near) future.

Forget about annoyances and pain, our team of highly-specialized dentists will use their knowledge and professional approach to erase the unpleasant memories of visiting the dentist. It’s time to have a healthy smile without much difficulty.
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Why is it important to react promptly and find a solution on time?

Oral and general health are associated to one another.

Taking an analgesic might help you fight the pain and the problem might seem solved, but it is not. Neglecting your oral health can enhance not only the risk of losing teeth, but also the risk of developing different diseases such as cardiovascular problems, lung diseases, sinusitis, earaches, fungal and other infections. There are many serious health consequences that you can prevent by taking timely care of the health of your teeth.
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The most common causes of unpleasant toothache are:

  • Cavities
  • Inflammation of the root of the tooth (dental granuloma)
  • Inflammation of a previously treated tooth
  • Periodontitis (gums inflammation)

Root inflammation

A situation you have already experienced is the moment when cavities and bacteria reach the dental pulp and cause nerve inflammation along with intractable pain.
The appropriate solution and remedy is a professional root canal treatment: opening a pulsating tooth by making an access cavity, thorough cleansing and disinfection of the complete root canal and finally closing the tooth by placing a filling or a dental crown.

The success of an endodontic dental treatment mostly depends on:

  • the expertise of the dentist
  • creating quality x-rays
  • quality of filling materials
  • proper canal filling at the end of endodontic treatments

By further postponing the inflammation treatment, you enhance the risk of tooth loss.
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Gums inflammation (gingivitis)

Worried about swelling, inflammation, and bleeding gums?
Almost 80% of the world’s population encounters severe gum problems.
Contact the dental clinic Identalia and solve the uncomfortable gum problems and free yourself from hiding and shame.

Depending on the inflammation diagnosis, we will recommend superficial (routine) cleaning or deep cleaning of the tooth roots (curettage) and thus free you from bacterial deposits and bad breath. All you have to do is sit comfortably on our dental chair and leave the rest to us.

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