Stomatološka Poliklinika Identalia - Sigurno je sigurno.

Stomatološka Poliklinika Identalia.
Sigurno je sigurno.

We highly believe that every person has the right to eat normally.

We also believe in the power of a smile. We can offer you both.
People often cover their mouth or avoid a relaxed laugh because of bad teeth and low self-confidence and as a consequence they deprive themselves of spending time with their loved ones and experiencing beautiful moments in life.

As the largest dental clinic in Zagreb, we are highly aware of the necessary prerequisites to enjoy eating food again and boost self-confidence.

Let your new smile be the proof of your determination.
This journey begins with taking the first step and we are going to be your guide.

How may we assist you?

Why you're safe in our clinic?

Well experienced team of doctors

Because you're being takn care of by a team of dentists who have done more than 26.000 dental implnats so far.

Superbly organized

Because our superbly organized system allows you a clear insight into your treatments and appointments.

Safety protocols

Because we abide by the strictest safety protocols so we could protect you as best as possible.

Digital clinic

Because our advanced technology allows us to achieve the most precise results possbile for our patients.



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