I need new dentures

Investing in a quality denture is an investment in the quality of life and it helps you to overcome the insecurities caused by the loose and teetering denture.

A modern denture is no longer kept in a cup, instead, it is attached to implants inside your mouth. Our signed denture adapts directly to your life instead of you adapting to it!

TORONTO BRIDGE: A semi-fixed 4 implant-supported solution

A complete prosthesis with a high stability.

You can regain control of chewing, talking and careless laughing with the help of a stable 4 implant-supported prosthesis. If necessary, you can easily remove the prosthesis and maintain it clean on your own.

What does this denture allow you to do?

  • Wear it without the fear of falling out.
  • Enjoy food and eat carelessly.
  • Talk to people with confidence.
  • Laugh without embarrassment.
  • Easy removal for easier cleaning.
  • There is no need to use denture adhesive.

Is Toronto Bridge the right solution for you?

During the first check up, our dental experts will explain in detail which method best suits your situation and meets your needs.

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