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As the leader dental center in Zagreb with over 30,000 patients, we have gained unsurpassed experience in resolving the most complex dental cases.

In the light of that, we often organize internal and external trainings that give us the opportunity to happily share our professional knowledge with other colleagues.


We are highly focused on the professional development of young doctors and dental technicians, for whom our Clinic gives a unique opportunity to work with complex prosthetic and implant works.

As a part of our “Knowledge Incubator”, a mentoring program for doctors has been organized: by joining the Identalia team, each junior doctor is assigned an experienced colleague-mentor who accompanies and supervises him/her when performing more complex procedures.

In this way, we provide young doctors with direct access to numerous and diverse dental techniques and methods, which strongly encourages the development of their own knowledge and prepares them in the best possible way for a top dental career.

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