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We create your new smile even when you think it is impossible. Especially in those situations.

Do you recognise yourself in the following situations?

  • you are constantly afraid of loose denture falling out
  • you often refuse a tasty dish because you can’t chew it properly
  • you feel ashamed while chewing in front of other people with a denture in your mouth
  • while talking, you are afraid that the denture is going to slip out
  • you cover your mouth with your hands as soon as someone approaches you or while smiling

With the help of the most advanced implant-prosthetic fixed solutions, we regain the lost smile along with a lifetime warranty.*

ALL-ON-4/6® method: Fixed teeth in just 24 hours

Fixed teeth attached to 4 or 6 implants in just one day.

All-on-4® and All-on-6® are the most advanced and proven methods for a quick and painless solution for complete dental reconstructions, especially for periodontal and loose teeth, and as a result you get implants and fixed teeth in just one day.

Why are these methods safe?

  • Because the method is performed by an experienced team of dental specialists.
  • Because we use the original Swiss Nobel Biocare® concept
  • Because we offer a lifetime warranty on implants.
  • Because fixed teeth are palateless
  • Because the procedure is painless and minimally invasive.
  • Because the recovery period is extremely fast (one to two days)

It is not too late for your smile to be beautiful again and it is not meant to be hidden.
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IMPLANT-SUPPORTED FIXED DENTAL BRIDGE (6 IMPLANTS): Zirconia fixed implant-supported dental bridge

Dentures do not fit into your lifestyle? Contact us with full confidence because we know how to design a smile that you can rely on in any occasion.

We are experts for the most complex toothless jaw reconstructions.

Why is a fixed six implant-supported dental bridge a good option?
Because 6 premium Nobel® implants make the most stable construction for a fixed ceramic dental bridge, which fully adapts to facial features creating a completely natural look of your final smile. The result are fixed teeth with a valid warranty.

No one will believe that those are not natural teeth, everyone will only notice your younger and happier look.

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