First check up

A prerequisite for a more relaxed stay and a trustful doctor-patient relationship is a transparent and comprehensive approach, which we strive to achieve from the first contact.

  • When entering the polyclinic, you are first welcomed by our dental consultant, whose main task is to assist in communication between you and the doctor. The dental consultant is at your service in order to fully explain the planned procedures, plan the necessary check ups and, if necessary, fill in the insurance documentation.
  • Before the check up itself, it is necessary to fill in a health questionnaire. It provides us all the information about your health condition. This is one of the most important steps because it serves us as a preparation for providing you the best possible health care, but also to safely coordinate all future dental procedures.
  • This is followed by an orthopantomography imaging: a dental consultant follows you to the X-ray room and uses a modern CT device to make an orthopantomography image in just a few minutes. The image is immediately forwarded to one of our doctors in order to get a complete insight into your current dental situation.
  • This is followed by undergoing a first check up with a primary doctor. Our highly experienced doctors examine the complete teeth condition, talk to you about the problems, wishes and possibilities, and finally suggest different options for the complete restoration. If necessary, or the situation is particularly complex, another colleague joins the doctor at the examination for a more detailed consultation.
  • After the check up, the best options are prepared for you by a dental consultant in the written form of a dental treatment plan. The treatment plan is clearly structured, contains all future procedures, materials, prices and time frames.
    The dental consultant re-analyzes the treatment plan, explaining in detail to you each item of the overall work and the proposed procedures.

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