I am missing one or more teeth

Replace missing teeth with an implant and regain a smile on your face!

By undergoing a short and painless procedure, a small titanium screw is placed in the jawbone, serving as an invisible and permanent support for your regained smile.
The only side effect of a dental implant – immeasurable improvement in your quality of life.

Does your self-esteem suffer?
Constant food traps, bad breath, bad bite (slipping bite), mouth covering, chewing on the same side – we know it all sounds familiar. It is about time to get rid of the discomfort and enjoy eating and showing your smile again.

All dental specialists at one place and with the same goal: to bring a carefree smile back on your face. With a lifetime warranty *.

3 reasons for a prompt missing tooth replacement:

  1. Jaw bone loss that causes a possibility of wearing a denture in the future
  2. Tooth movement and inclination that affect your look
  3. Bad breath becomes inevitable

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