I need new dental crowns

Deteriorated dental bridges or missing teeth have to be replaced with new dental crowns. Dental bridges must be replaced when gums start to recede as it can open the way for bacteria to enter the interstices, causing the tooth decay.

If there is not enough jawbone for placing a dental implant, a small dental bridge is also a very good solution for a tooth replacement.

New and high-quality dental crowns or bridges allow you to:

  • Chew food properly again
  • Highly protect previously treated or weakened teeth
  • Restore the appearance of darkened teeth
  • Replace the deteriorated and fractured bridges
  • Protect the teeth against tooth loss due to accumulation of bacteria

Confident people have beautiful smiles, and with our original zirconia dental crowns, you can now have the smile you have always wanted.

Zirconia dental crowns - beauty matters

Zirconia is a metal-free material which dental crowns are made of. Metal can cause allergies and it is often not aesthetically pleasing, whereas zirconia has become the standard of modern dentistry.

Zirconia crowns are created in a fully digitalised dental laboratory, so you don’t have to worry about precision or the production speed.Each part of your new teeth is processed by a software and stored in your digital record.

During the process of creating the crowns, you fully participate by choosing the color and the shape. In that way, together we can create your new smile full of confidence. The dazzling smile you have been dreaming of is closer than you think.

As we are highly specialised in working with zirconia dental crowns, we use the most advanced technology in our own digital laboratory, CAD-CAM software and 3D processings and by that we can guarantee precision, safety, quality and longevity.

5 reasons why zirconia is the top choice for your new teeth:

  1. It truly mimics natural teeth
  2. The zirconia material is biocompatible and does not cause allergies
  3. Allows you to completely customise the color to your preferences
  4. It is translucent (just like a natural tooth)
  5. It is extremely strong and resistant

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