Dental lab within our clinic

Our own digital dental laboratory is a special center within our clinic where your new smile is designed and it allows us many advantages during the work:

  • material quality control
  • the presence of a dental technician at an appointment in the dental studio
  • involving the patient in the process by choosing the tooth color and shape
  • rapid production process


The skillful hands of our dental technicians supported by the most modern digital dental technology create dental prosthesis using the highest quality material – completely tailor-made!

Virtual tour

Our fully digitized work process brings also numerous benefits to our patients:

  • CAD CAM software – for an even more precise design and predictability of the final result
  • 3Shape intraoral scanners – for recording impressions of cracked teeth
  • German quality VHF dental milling machines – for a variety of material processing options
  • Materials (ceramics, zirconia, alloys) from renowned world manufacturers – guaranteed biocompatibility that does not cause tissue damage or allergic reactions
  • Fully digital processes- to store your teeth impression in case it is necessary to re-create the same dental replacement
  • Continuous professional development of our technicians – to achieve and enhance the maximum aesthetics of your smile

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